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Investing for Beginners

If you have stayed away from investing because financial jargons put you to sleep, then this is just the right thing for you.

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Mastering Mutual Funds

The mutual fund universe is vast and growing. Then you stumble upon zillions of fund categories, complicated jargons with a twist of risk return matrix. We uncomplicate these for you.

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What is Knowledge Centre?

Knowledge Centre is an e-learning initiative by HDFC securities. It is about simplifying and teaching finance related concepts in a self-paced, exciting format. Learn more »

Is it for me?

Only if you are eager to become a finance wizard! If you are starting from scratch, then so are we. Hop in!

Why us?

HDFC securities is one of the leading broking houses in India. A million customers later, we have a fair idea about what you would like to know about managing your finances.

What's inside?

Concepts of finance compiled by our team of experts. Presented in a rich format of videos, slideshows, tests. Delivered on a sophisticated technology platform. Get started »

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Things you will love

Exciting Content

Studying is boring. But stories are not. We explain the tough finance concepts in the form of stories.


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." We have sent the jargons on vacation.

Expert Advice

We have a combined experience of 80 years in finance within our team. We think we know our stuff.


Studying needs guidance. Our structured course material ensures that you don't lose your way.


"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it." That's why you get a Progress Report to grade yourself.

Animated Videos

Learn concepts of finance in the form of animated stories and videos. Simple stories, simplified concepts.

Knowledge Centre is currently available on request to HSL customers

  • The Experts

    Meet the team

    Deepak Jasani

    Deepak heads the Retail Research Operations at HDFC securities. He has more than 18 years of experience working on Equity, Debt and Mutual Fund research. He is a CFA (Ind) and FCA.

    Vinod Sharma

    Vinod is the Head of Private Broking and Wealth Management at HDFC securities. He has over two decades of experience in the capital markets. He is the face of HDFC securities to the media.

    Vidyalaxmi Venkatramani

    Vidya has experience tracking and writing on the Indian Financial Sector for more than 9 years. She has been a journalist with some of the leading economic dailies writing on banking, mutual fund and financial planning.

    Shrikant Khopkar

    Shrikant heads Investment Products at HDFC securities. He has rich experience working on and tracking Equity, Mutual Funds, Bonds and Fixed Deposits among others.

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